Have you tried Indiloop yet? No? Be warned, once you start it’s going to be hard to stop.

For a long time the idea of remixing and making your own mashups looked to be too steep of a mountain to climb. Where do you begin? For the laymen with an idea bouncing around in their head, perhaps feeling inspired from the latest DJ Earworm pop mashup release, they may not have the musical background, technical knowledge or finances to get underway. Creating your own mashup is a daunting task.

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I think back to how many times I’ve received emails or I have read comments, “Hey I have this idea for a mashup! Can someone make this for me?”. Usually I encourage people to put the time and effort into making their own, or they could go out into the digital wilds and seek an audience with an established producer. But understand, they are people, with busy lives and things to do. Not to mention they have their OWN ideas on what mashups they would like to produce.

Forward thinking company Indiloop is about to change all of that. In just a few minutes have your very first mashup ready to go, share to your friends our to your ravenous social media followers.

Indiloop has signed up with several labels (and more to come I think) to supply them with stems of vocals, percussion, all the various bits and pieces that go into making a song and then pass them to you to play around with in their very intuitive interface.


The Indiloop library is extensive and should be more than enough to get your creative mind playing.

Browsing through the library of music you see artists like 50 cent, Pitbull, Depeche Mode, Briney Spears, Deadmau5 and Daft Punk to name a few. The library looks impressive to start and I hope to see it grow more.


Easy to use, you can see your layers and selected music elements quickly.

Check out my mashup, ‘Superstition Ghost Party‘ that I quickly put together in minutes, (and then spent more time screwing around with it after cause it’s fun).

A straight forward drag and drop system allows you to quickly and easily grab music elements from your favorite songs in the Indiloop library and plunk them into layers  so you can start cutting, looping and moving elements around to make your mashups and remixes quickly. Simple.

To publish, depending on how many elements you use, they cost credits (or points). For my example they were 50 credits each for the 6 music elements I used, costing me 300 points to publish. To gain points you can ‘purchase’ more by filling out your profile in more detail, linking social media accounts and inviting friends to sign up. It looks like there will be more options in the future for this including purchasing them directly (I think they are under $2.00).

Overall it’s been a really positive and fun experience that show lots of promise, room for growth, feature development and a whole lot of fun. I’ll be checking in with them often to see their various stages of development and of course to play around in making more mashups!