Mashup songs for 2013

The mashup scene has definitely grown these last few years and I think that we can expect to see it to only continue. The while I was watching President Obama’s State of the Union and it got me thinking to how that applies to mashups.

With the help of popular shows like glee doing their weekly (or monthly) mashup features,  mainstream artists experimenting with live mashups on award shows and also the availability of new mashup software and free online tutorials and training, 2013 looks extremely promising.

Google Trends reports are an interesting tool to see what is trending in global searches and content indexed by Google. By no means is the intended to be the definitive answer, but it shows general increase in content and searches.

Content creation is becoming easier and more accessible as well. New low entry cost software, cloud services and the like are creating fantastic creative opportunities for you to go out and start mashing up. Copyright laws are being updated for a modern digital age and we are now  seeing some progress around legal implications.

More and more consumers and future creators are being exposed to the mashup, hopefully prompting them to jump onto the internet and start doing some exploring and creating. themselves.