MashupCiti – The man behind the curtain

A while ago I started a tumblr account for MashupCiti with the goal in mind was to have a place where I can talk a bit about the more formal side of MashupCiti. I wanted a place where I could talk a bit about some of the reasons for making MashupCiti, some of the stuff I tried out on here that worked and didn’t work, and some observations on the competitiveness in the ‘blogging’ arena.

I realized after a few months and only 3 posts, it’s just another social network I’m trying to shoehorn into my attempts at growing MashupCiti and it would be better served if I just brought this idea back home.

So starting this week, I’m going to start putting up some articles on what MashupCiti is now, where it came from and hopefully where it’s going.