The not-so-shocking truth about Lana Del Rey

This morning while sipping on my first cup of coffee and chomping down some Cheerios I was reading this article about the the history of Land Del Rey and how she is actually a real live person named Lizzy Grant. Like it’s a bad thing. As I read it I became, surprisingly so, more and more annoyed.

I can’t help but find this incredulous that an audience, fan base or media are somehow shocked and angered that their favorite pop artist is not the ‘genuine article’ whatever that means. Do these people seriously think she just wanders around pouting with a deer-in-headlights look, lounging by pools and doing weird crap in churches, with half naked tattooed dudes running around playing bad boy?

I have to imagine these same people must also think that Daft Punk really are interstellar robots who can drop a phat beat and not two French dudes just doing their thing. Or that Avril Lavigne is this tough, in your face, don’t give a crap skate board punk rocker. Maybe in their world Justin Bieber really wants to be their boyfriend?

Take any modern hip hop. Do you really think these new talents have millions of dollars they are just throwing away? Or that the violence they talk about are things they really have done? No. No no and no. These are personifications, fantasies, wishful thinking and embellishment to be polite. In other words a farce. It’s a movie delivered in the format of music that is meant to be entertaining.

These same people must be extremely angry  about Stefani Germanotta. Now known as Lady GaGa, she went under a similar transformation in creating an entertaining musical character.

What I see is there is a lot more manufacturing in these artists and bands now than ever before. With the realization of brand value, companies are happy to spend a lot of time and money to build an image that is the main act. It’s even better to begin at a grass roots level, like what has happened here with Lana Del Rey. In fact, that’s exactly where these businesses, (who’s entire goal is to make a profit), are and should be looking for talent to mold, manufacture and sell to an eager audience and culture who love to buy into the illusion.

Because you’re peeking behind the curtain to see the little man, it would be disingenuous to be angry at them for putting on the show you came to see. Really your angry that the illusion is disrupted, or that you so eagerly bought into the brand. You might as well be pissed off at the majority of music entertainers going back to Alice Cooper, Madonna, KISS, Lady GaGa etc. Don’t we all start from somewhere? Don’t we all change and evolve and want people to view us in a certain way?

This has to be a manufactured controversy. If not it’s just stupid and waste of time.