Some Mashupciti Music Highlights!

I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic lately here on mashupciti, and I thought it would be fun to show some of my favorite mashups featured here so far. So, in no particular order;

I like the way Jenny Scrubs

– Classic DJ Earworm. Killer bodyrockers overlayed with sweet TLC. It’s an older mash, but it does a body good.

Hotel San Fransisco

– Aggro1. This is a CLASSIC mashup for me. Blows me away. The Eagles get a true Aggro1 treatment here. Fantastica!

Black Metal Pogo

– DJ Morgoth knocks this one out of the park. This was a new introduciton for with Ascii.Disko and Planetakis. Yay! New friends!

The Surface of Saturday Night

– This just takes me back to some. Those Saturday nights where anything seemed possible and excitment was all around! Thanks for the trip Clivester!

Dreaming of Boyz

– I really hope there are more Kate Bush mashups. And of course, I loves me some M.I.A.! Party Ben is on top of it!

Draculas 77 Nation Army

– Reggae Mashups. LOVE IT AND WE NEED MOOOOORE! DJ Not-i Is responsible for this addiction.

Hop Star

– I can’t get enough of this track. This is how I found Radio Citizen.