The end of GYBO

I’ve taken some time to write this as I wanted to fully see what was going to happen and to really allow things to sink in. The end of ‘Get your bootleg on’ a.k.a. GYBO has happened, (See the announcement here).

Looking at the landscape of the mashup community online I’m seeing a bit of disturbing trend. Mashup-Charts appears to have gone dormant, What the Mashup has stopped posting, Mashuptowns forums are kaput and now GYBO.

I wonder if this is this more of a shake up of the mashup scene and people moving onto to other projects? Or is it something else? I know there is an underlying fear in this genre of lawyers, governments, corporations laying down a legal ass-kicking to any and all of us. I know that sites like MashDex shut down specifically for that reason as it grew too big, too quickly, and just the fear of a potential lawsuit was enough to stifle innovation. I don’t think they had been threatened, but seeing what music industry, corporate media and laws are doing around the world, it’s definitely on a lot of mashup producers and communities minds.


The Past

When I started MashupCiti in 2007, it was really to try and get DJs to send me their mashups instead of me going out and searching the interwebs for those tasty rare mashup treats that I enjoy so much. GYBO was a place that I would go to frequently in those days.

GYBO was friendly, inspiring and supportive community but mostly it was safe, or at least if felt that way. It was a place where all manner of people could go and learn, talk and share their mashups and ideas. There had been lots of great discussions, competitions and of course mashups. It’s a sad thing to see it come to an end.

The Future

At the same time, I remain hopeful. I know that in this genre, sites pop up and down a lot. Mashups are attracting more and more people every day but more importantly, mashups are inspiring more and more people every day. I believe that there are more great things in store for mashup culture and those who contribute to it.



  1. Jim Pilchard

    October 12, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    Yep, your right I guess, it was fairly clear that the legal cloud that passed over was instrumental (nPI), but GYBO was a large target. I can tell you that there are little bonfires burning all over the place, if anyone cares to contact me I’ll show you some, The future I feel is right there, its very fragmented, which is both good inasmuch as you can focus on what you like, or bad inasmuch as you dont stumble on stuff. The problems we face now are how best to stop our tunes getting stolen and rebranded and in some cases sold, Our content delivers (YT etc) blocking stuff.
    Theres loads of stuff going on in Facebook, somes good, somes crass, somes ok, somes epic. Everyone I suppose GYBOcentric is a bit fuc ing confused what to do.
    sorry for longness

    • revy

      October 12, 2012 at 12:58 pm

      Thanks for the comment. I’d love to hear more on these little bonfires.

      Does this mean other communities like Mashstix are the next target?