The Girls Can Hear Us ‘Everyday’ Album out now!

So May 4th, (may the 4th be with you) saw the release of TGCHU album. I was introduced to these guys via APC with a great track ‘I know this song’ a while back. I’m pretty happy to see a full album now!From their website;

It’s Here! Our debut album! We’re excited about it, we hope you are too. You guys have been amazing supporting us, and it’s only up from here. Click the image or the links to your fav online stores! Get it on: iTunesAmazonNapsterEmusic

Very cool.

Track list;

  1. I Know This Song
  2. Every Day
  3. Don’t Stop
  4. Drugs Dancin’
  5. You Want It, I Want It
  6. Now Move
  7. Mantracker
  8. Wrong For You
  9. Always Happens
  10. Worth It All
  11. All I Need Is You
  12. Smash Your Glass
  13. Fuck To This
  14. Seems I Always Do
  15. Put My Head Down
  16. Oooh Yeah!