The Grand Mashup plan!

Some of you may know, that I started this site out of completely selfish reasoning.

Make it easier for me to find mashups by having DJs and bedroom producers SEND me their mashups!

And that was the plan. Then.

Moving on, I’ve been working on a redesign and ‘re-thinking’ of mashupciti and how to make things easier for people to send in their music and listen to it. Now I’ve used a lot of in-between music players and services (kinda makes me seem whoriesh), but I think that SoundCloud Pro Plus really offers the best solution for the “How I’m going to present the music”. Using this service would allow for you guys to send me your tracks (or upload directly to SoundCloud in the mashupciti group), I can then post them into the SoundCloud player,  then to our listeners in a consistent accessible player! That is about 10,000 people per month to make happy! Including ME!

The only issue is the cost. I’m not going to go ask for donations cause really if you want to donate to something, send your money to a REAL cause. I would ask though, click on any of the adverts to give us a helping hand so we can afford the SoundCloud service we need to better show case your music! HELP ME TO HELP YOU!!