The Beatles – the most mashed up band in history

A little while ago it occurred to me that songs by The Beatles are probably some of the most mashed up songs ever. Not only are they probably one of the most influential bands of all time they continue to be one of the most revisited and re-imagined bands ever.

Some of the very first mashups I have heard were of The Beatles, and honestly if you’re new to this genre of music exploration, they may be the very best place to start. I’ve always found it amazing that a lot of the beatles lyrics still have relevant meaning today, layered on top of the latest Skrillex, or Will.I.Am chart climber just increases its reach to a new generation.

Danger Mouse made his first declaration of notoriety in the mashup music world with his fantastic release, the “Grey Album“. The juxtaposition of The Beatles lyrics “White Album” and Jay-Zs “the Black Album” are not only glaringly wonderful, but are presented in such a deliciously amusing way, we get to revisit both musical genres, reliving previous music experiences and finding something new.

One of my all time favorite Beatles mashups would definitely be “My other car is a beatle“.  I love how the car theme is pulled in from multiple sources while keeping it head bopping and toe tapping and awesome to drive to. Also it’s just damn fun which is the heart of a good mashup.

As I write this, I’m listening to a very amusing mashup of the Beatles, LCD Sound System, and The Kinks by the very talented DJ Faroff.

I have to wonder what The Beatles would think of all this remixing and mashup hilarity. I hope they would be cool with, and see how far their reach has extended into the future and inspired so many people.


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  1. dj useo

    January 24, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    Yeah, that ‘my other car is a beatle’ is a huge fave of mine. I actually played it just the other day.
    It was made by Chaos Productions (aka Jay-R)

    There’s actually a mashup forum of nothing but Beatles mashups.

    Thanks for the cool article.