The untamed beast that is Mashupciti!

Soooo…yeah. You may have noticed some strangeness going on around here. Problem ‘appears’ to be database related or possibly a domain redirect. Not entirely to sure. So I have deactivated a bunch of features temporarily, but you should still be able to listen to most of the mashup music here! I will have more time this weekend to investigate and figure out what is happening.


Revy started MashupCiti in 2007 out of pure greed and laziness in an attempt to acquire as many mashups as possible. Lover of all things bizarre and silly, Revy may be a genius or just a regular guy. It's sometimes hard to tell.

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  1. admin

    March 14, 2008 at 10:12 pm

    Everything seems to be working now….fingers crosses!!!!

    uhhh its 10pm my time…and only i know what that means