Things You Can Download Right Now For Free Without Breaking the Law

While downloading is typically associated with ‘illegal’, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. There are lots of great free legal things that you can download via a torrent, and all you have to do is find them. Of course it also helps to double check to make sure they’re legally free because ‘wasn’t sure’ doesn’t hold up well in court, but that usually won’t take longer than a few minutes. With that in mind, here are 10 things that you can legally download right now, for free, with a Bittorent client.


Rift is a popular MMORPG Game that just happens to be free and available via torrent. While you can get it elsewhere for free, that just goes to prove that it’s a 100% legit and legal torrent. Why download via torrent when you could look elsewhere? Well, the torrent download takes about ten to fifteen minutes with your average internet connection while the regular download can take thirty minutes or longer! Stick with the torrent.

Vuze Comedy Bundle

If you like funny stuff then the free comedy bundle featured on is a great way to get started with legal torrents. The comedy bundle was put together by Comedy Time as a free promotion and won’t be available on Vuze forever. While it’s there, the bundle features a compilation of funny stand up comedy that is sure to leave you laughing.

Sherlock Holmes: The Archives Collection

While it’s not the best and newest TV show ever, Sherlock Holmes The Archives Collection is free and available for download. Why is it free? The copyright is long expired and it’s in the public domain. The best place to get Sherlock Holmes, the Archives Collection is on It also pops up from time to time on a few other torrent websites.

The Pirate Bay AFK

If you’re a bit of a fan of torrent technology then the Pirate Bay AFK is for you. This documentary is free to download and is pretty much the story of the Pirate Bay. The film is about 82 minutes long, and obviously released free of rights, so you can download it for free.

The 4-Hour Chef Bundle

If you’re a fan of cooking then the 4 Hour Chef Bundle is a great free promotional torrent that you can download. The bundle includes interviews with writer Tim Ferris, images, bonus material, and even recipes. Of course, the whole point of the bundle is to convince you that you love Tim Ferris so that you go buy the Four Hour Chef book. How susceptible to marketing schemes are you?

Bands Under the Radar Bundle

Another content bundle that you can download (hosted by is the Bands Under the Radar Bundle. This was put together to promote indie artists and is available to download from Vuze. What do you get? The bundle includes ten unique songs from up and coming indie artists that you’ve never heard before. The best part is that you get a free music sampler, and you get to check out the next big names in music. Plus, it only takes about 2 minutes to download.

Counting Crows

The Counting Crows have a number of music items up on torrents but not all of them are free. What you want to look for is the promotional Underwater Sunshine bundle.

Grateful Dead Concert

Did you know that the has multiple Grateful Dead concerts you can download for free? If you’re into classic rock, or just like exploring old music, then it’s definitely something for you. If you’re not into the Grateful Dead, why not check out some of the other free concerts that the Archive keeps on hand.

Arma 2

Arma 2 is a free to play game available via torrent. Why is it special? It is the most downloaded game on game torrent site, which is pretty special. Nearly 300,000 people have downloaded and played the game, and now you can too.

Stanford School of Engineering Lectures

Did you know that you can download a great deal of Stanford School of Engineering video lectures for free? Stanford offers a number of videos via torrent that you can download, explore, and learn from. Watch out, most of them are college level.

This article is meant to be a quick teaser to explain that there are plenty of really great legal torrents out there. While many torrents are not legal, all you have to do to find great free stuff is look, and these ten great downloads are just a place to get started.

 Jay Robinson is a connoisseur of free stuff and always looking to try new things, which is how he found all of this free stuff.