Things Every Guy Needs at His Party

There is an art to throwing a good party and you want to make sure that your gathering is the hot spot for people to be.  Being known for throwing a great party can significantly expand your social circle and can keep you busy on the weekends or evenings when you are looking for something fun to do.

Throwing a good party requires some basic planning and a good idea of the essentials that make a party a success.  Here are a few things that you should be sure to include at your next party or get-together so you can please the crowds, generate positive buzz among your guests and have a great time yourself.

The List

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Some of the different things that you should make sure to have when you throw a party include the following:

  • A great selection of alcoholic beverages. You want to make sure you have beer, wine and the classic hard liquors necessary to make the most popular drinks. This can include scotch, whiskey, vodka, tequila and gin, among other alcohols. While you don’t have to go for the most expensive brands on all of the liquors you are serving, don’t get the cheapest of the cheap either (especially for things like scotch or whiskey which a lot of people drink straight or with ice only).  Look for quality alcohol brands that have a good taste and flavor and that you and your friends have tried and enjoyed in the past. Consider splurging a little on the alcohols where you notice the biggest difference in quality based on price.
  • A great selection of non-alcoholic beverages. You need to have the common mixers around your house so people can have mixed drinks. This can include mixers like orange juice, coke and tonic water, among others. The mixers that you have available can also serve as drinks for those who are at your party as designated drivers. You always want to make sure that no one gets into a car and drives while intoxicated after one of your events, so providing a good selection of drinks for designated drivers is a good idea.
  • A selection of cigars. Smoking a cigar can be a relaxing and fun experience and can also be a great way to celebrate. can help you to find the cigars and accessories you need to be better prepared for your next party or special event.
  • Good food. People come to parties not just to drink and enjoy cigars but also to enjoy good food. There are a huge variety of different options for how you are going to feed your guests. For example, you could just put out lots of little snacks in your home at the places where people are going to be hanging out. You could also order pizza or have a bigger meal available and prepared for your guests.  For most parties, people don’t necessarily want a long drawn out affair where everyone sits around and talks, so you may want to avoid the sit-down dinner in favor of more casual dining options that people are going to like a whole lot better.
  • Good music. As wikiHow points out, you can set the entire mood of your party based on the music that you put on at the event.  WikiHow reports that low-key music in the genre of jazz, folk or classical are good to play when people are arriving. However, you can tailor the music to your own tastes or the tastes of the guests that are coming to your home for the party.
  • A good mix of people: A party is not a lot of fun for most men or most women if it is made up of only people of one sex. You want a mix of men and women so everyone can have a good time and interact together.

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These are just some of the many things that every guy should be sure to include in his party planning and should be sure to provide when throwing a party.  The gossip about how good (or bad) your party is will likely spread among those who know you, so you want the buzz about your party to be good.  With a lot of positive reviews of your party and a lot of people talking about how fun it was, your next gathering is likely to only be even more of a success and everyone will be wrangling for an invite.

June Lauderdale is as worldly a girl as you’ll meet. So guys, if she’s going to give you advice—you’d be wise to listen up.