Throwing a Star Wars Party for Your Son

Are you planning the best party in the Universe? If your son, alongside most young boys in the world, is a huge Star Wars fan – check out some of our tips and tricks to make his birthday party out of this world!


You have a couple of options here, you can leave it up to your guest’s parents to get them their own costumes – ending up with a few Princess Leia’s, maybe a Chewbacca or two – or you can head to your local craft store and pick up some brown felt. By creating a simple pattern, you can make Jedi robes for everyone at your son’s party, for very little cost, and without a sewing machine. The robes can even double as a craft project later at the party, if you set up a robe personalising art and craft station!

Absolutely no Star Wars party is complete without lightsabers. Head to Target or Amazon and stock up on some pool noodles (use your imagination here!) and cut them into halves or thirds. Wrap some silver duct-tape around one of the ends and voila – lightsabers which are super easy to make and ones which will ensure nobody gets hurt in the inevitable lightsaber fights.

For the special birthday boy: how about a multi-character panel “Star Wars” baseball cap? Boys love their baseball caps, and this cool design will get all the kids at school so jealous!


Food and Drink

Undeniably the best part about kids birthday parties are the nibbles! For your sons Star Wars themed party get really creative, here are some of my personal favourites: chocolate Death Stars, melted cooking chocolate into spherical moulds, and as the chocolate is solidifying take a skewer and trace in the lines and shapes of the Death Star – easy and eye catching! Vanilla cupcakes decorated as Princess Leia? Say no more. These are so cute, and easy enough to do: all they need extra is some patience, and a ton of Oreo cookies. Take your regular sugar cookie recipe, shape the dough differently before baking, and you have yourself the Wookie Cookie. Use chocolate piping pens for the facial features and you have yourself a winner. To drink, the aptly named Yoda Soda: an icecream soda with Mountain Dew and Vanilla icecream, or plain lemonade and just a dash of green food colouring. The possible list of Star Wars themed food goes to the moon and back!

Want some more party food inspiration? Check out this awesome Star Wars food board on Pinterest.

Photo link: Princess leia cupcakes with oreo hair-buns – princess-leia-cupcake-sm

Photo link: Wookie cookies – tumblr_m8me3vjP4q1qbpmvho1_500

Fun & Games

At some stage in the party the resistance to not beat each other with their homemade lightsabers will wane, and you’ll have an inter-galactic battle in your own backyard. But until then, occupy your son and his guests with a Darth Vader piñata – ideal for a Star Wars party, as what could be better than candy coming from the ‘baddies’ head? When the sugar high starts to drop, keep the younger ones quiet with Star Wars colouring printables.

For prizes, you could wrap up a few of those “Star Wars” baseball hats or toy lightsabres to take home. Copies of the movies on DVD would also go down a treat!

What’s most important in planning a themed party like a Star Wars party is fun – so make sure your son, his friends, and you yourself get to do just that at your next Star Wars themed birthday, and may the force be with you.