Tips to Brand Your Facebook Fan Page

When you have a Facebook fan page you want to brand it so that it is uniform and easily associated with you.  There are many ways to do this, but start by choosing a few and working on them until you have them down pat.  Then, you can expand and try new things until you are happy with your brand, but keep in mind that a successful brand will continue to evolve over time so that it is able to continue to provide what fans need and want.


You Need a Great Timeline Cover

Your Timeline cover can tell people a lot about you and your brand and it can attract people too.  This is your first impression so it must align with your brand’s objectives and personality, according to Social Media Today.  You can change your Timeline cover from time to time to keep people interested and to adjust it to your evolving brand, mission, and vision.  There is no right or wrong way to choose a cover, but it is important to keep it consistent with your brand.

Your Avatar Must Match Your Brand

In addition to your Timeline cover you will also need to upload a small photo and this should align closely with your brand.  If you are a single person business a photo of yourself that is professional can work well.  For example, if you are branding yourself as an athlete a good picture of you performing your sport is a really good idea.  You can also choose a picture of something that is consistent with your brand, such as a photo of a car if you own an auto body shop or an auto mechanics shop.

Keep Your Posts Consistent and Relevant

What you post on your page is almost as important as the structure of it.  Your posts should relate to your brand so that people can identify with you and learn more about what you do.  For example, if your business is art then your page should focus on art.  You want to post some things about the art that you do, but post things like art news, biographies of famous and up and coming artists and great pictures that are sure to be of interest to many people.  You can mix it up as long as your posts all align with your brand.

Let People Get to Know You

People on Facebook like to follow like minds and they like to interact with things that they enjoy, appreciate, and can identify with.  You want to be upfront and honest and you want to engage with fellow Facebook users both on your page and elsewhere across the site, such as in groups and on other people’s pages and Timelines.  Get to know people and make some friends to expand your reach and to help others understand your brand a bit more.

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