Top 10 Halloween Music

As picked by me, your host, Revy. So these are a little more off beat and from what I have read, do not usually make it into other peoples list. When I sat down and spent some time thinking about this, I considered on doing a list of my top 10 Halloween Mashups, but seriously, I’m just gonna feature them here anyways :).  So in no particular order, here we go, my top 10 Halloween music;

What can I say? My inner American Punk Zombie Rock cries out for freedom.

This song just fills my head with all kinds of awesome imagery of surfing Werewolves.

First time I saw this video, it reaffirmed my extremely rational fear of spiders.

What is more terrifying here, a Voodoo Witch Doctor, or the racial stereotype? Regardless, I love this song!

First word out of my mouth after hearing this, was “Gross!” Rock on.

This song was always was creepy to me. I think it’s because I always picture images of a Richard Rameriz (The Night Stalker)  strutting  down dark alleyways looking for his next victim to this song.  If he had an ipod back in his killing days.

Imprisonment, domination, obsession and sex. FUN!

Not really creepy, but more heart-ackingly sad and beautiful at the same time.

Madness scares the hell out of me. After many a inebriated and heated discussion about this song, that’s what it ultimately leads to. And fisticuffs.

For obvious reasons of awesomeness and childhood nostalgia. Have a safe and happy Halloween!