Best 11 Mashup Songs for driving

When ever I`m driving, when one of these songs come on my iPod, I just seem to go faster. These are some songs that for whatever reason I just. GO. FASTER. Maybe you can go faster too.

Enter Telephone – DJs from Mars

Boiled Hamma – S.A.M.

Cities in Dust vs. Who’s that Chick – Selkie Music

Cooler Rock n Roll – DJ Schmolli

Electro Priest – Marc Johnce

Get Noise – Elocnep

Gimmie Freaks – DJ Earworm

Jesus Doesn’t Care – LeeDM101

May the Boogie Cube B with U – Qubic MX

My Ex Chick Bad – MNKYSHRT

Metallica vs Junkie XL – AGGRO1