Usage Based Billing in Canada disaster

Industry Minister Tony Clement and his good friends, the large Telecom companies are now taking control of internet usage in Canada. They are seeking new and exciting opportunities to gouge Canadians of their money, of their digital competitiveness in the world, of their time and of their ability to use the internet as intended.

The Telecom Order CRTC 2010-657 is an attempt to…get more money to large telecoms by passing the dirty work onto smaller, local ISPs to charge their customers PER BYTE (gigabyte) on internet usage. IF this happens, imagine having to make a choice, once your 25 gigs per month (dropped from 200GB) is used up, do you go to youtube to watch SXEPhil and pay $1.90 per Gig? Or how about logging onto Facebook to see photos of your friends or family? Used up your 20 GB this month? Sorry, you’ll just have to wait till next month if you can’t afford it! Maybe you want to write a blog post, create a video, make a podcast about how unfair these billing changes are? Not so fast bub! You see where this is going?

What if you’re a service provider, say NetFlix? Guess you’re gonna have to go and make some special business arrangement with those large Telecoms! Very innovative Minister Tony Clement!

What Minister Tony Clement fails to see is the dangerous and costly precedent he is allowing to set here. All in the name of  ensuring an “innovative and competitive” market place. Where is the innovation here? Where is the competitiveness he suggests? Why is the Minister seemingly AGAINST these very ideas he says he is protecting?!?

Teksavvy is just one of the small ISP’s who is taking a stand against this horrific and undemocratic practice that targets the very foundation of the Internets intended use. With organizations such as, and now the Liberal Party coming out swinging, the Conservative Government is going to be put in an awkward situation.

While Canada makes progress in the Copyright laws, we seem to take a step back to the dark ages with this ‘practice’.

Help Canada fight this oppressive and dangerous corporate attack on the internet! Help send a message to Minister Tony Clement that this is wrong! Sign the petition!