Why Internet Advertising Is Better Than Print Advertising

The world of online marketing is a new one for many companies.  You may feel that once you have your business established that adapting to the changing world is not necessary, and that you can avoid advertising online.  You will be surprised at how much you are missing out on when you avoid online advertising.  The following are some of the most pertinent reasons that it is important for every company to advertise through the Internet.

Increase Of Mobile Devices

Most Americans typically have at least two devices with which they can connect to the Internet throughout the day, and one is usually a phone or something that is always with the person.  It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing someone working on a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.  Internet time is no longer limited to the time you have to spend in front of your computer.  With the ability to pick up your phone in your car or on the train and pull up any website you want, customers have a much larger time frame for when they are on the Internet.  They are much more likely to see your website if you make yourself known in this world.

Larger Audience

When you advertise online, there is no limit to how many people your marketing can reach.  Internet marketing can bring a global approach to your company.  When you advertise in print, you are limited to those who receive a specific publication or newspaper.  When you are online, you will have people from all over the world who stumble on your website and find something they like.

Measure Your Success

When you print an ad in a newspaper, you may have an idea of how many people will receive that newspaper, but you have no idea how many people will actually read it and see your ad.  When you advertise online, you receive measurable results that allow you to see what works for your customers and what doesn’t.  With new tools for Internet marketing, such as SEO and PPC, you can design your website and its content around the things that are most likely to bring your target audience to your site.

Save Money

Marketing through the Internet is significantly less expensive than running print ads.  Let’s use the example of the Wall Street Journal to see how expensive running print ads can be.  For the WSJ National Edition, it costs approximately $164,000 to run a full-page ad, and around $96,000 for a half page ad.  For a basic Internet campaign package from a marketing company, you may pay only a few hundred dollars, and have a much bigger audience.  With newspaper readers declining regularly, you are also limited in who you reach with these expensive ads.

Stay Up With Current Trends

Running a successful business in the current economy involves having a strong online presence for your customers.  Not only will you provide services to your already loyal customers, but you can also reach new groups of people who would never before have heard of your services.  Don’t waste time on print ads that may never reach the audience you intend.  Invest in Internet marketing and hit your target audience every time.

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