Recommended Songs for Your Own Short Poker Mashup Album

Hits from famous musicians who love playing poker

Hitting the poker tables for long hours might get you spaced out or worse, bored during a match. Many players confess that listening to music helps them focus on the game, psyched one’s self to win, and even to simply just stay positive when you’re stuck with a bad hand. Although many resort to listening to a single band or a single album, there’s a certain music genre called “Mashups” that have been invading many iPods and MP3s. This musical variation involves combining different tracks that have been cut off and regrouped. It’s like building a box, out of LEGO blocks with random lengths and colors.
Come to think of it, many players have confessed to listening to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger,” KISS’ “Rock and Roll All Nite,” and The Doors’ “Light My Fire” while playing. But to make a short mashup album dedicated to a game as renowned as poker, it simply makes sense to include songs from musicians who also know a thing or two about the card game as well. Here are some of our suggested artists and songs that you can combine to create your own short Poker Mashup Album:


Put a little Slash in your next mashup albumThe UK-born Saul Hudson grew up in the confines of Los Angeles and started out as a bassist in his teens. He got his famous moniker during his childhood years as a friend of the Hudson family pointed out the Saul was always up and about, thus getting the nickname “Slash.” By 1985, he became what has become one of the world’s best guitarists when he played the lead in the band, Guns N’ Roses. He was known to have made some of the most memorable guitar riffs for songs like “Paradise City” and “Sweet Child o’ Mine.” But what people don’t know is that he’s also into poker as well. He was snapped up participating in one of amfAR’s Celebrity Poker Tournaments as Slash believes that his poker earnings can help fund the continued research for AIDS.
Recommended Songs from Slash:
1. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
2. By The Sword
3. Anastasia

Steve Aoki

DJ/Producer Steve Aoki established his own record company called “Dim Mak Records” in 1996. He released his latest album entitled “Wonderland” in 2012 wherein he collaborated with the likes of known artists like Will.I.Am, LMFAO, and Travis Barker. Aside from producing projects for popular bands and singers, Steve also a big fan of poker. He once was asked by’s WSOP to be a guest commentator for the $3,000.00 Pot-Limit Omaha Final Table and he was able to put his own poker tournament at the Holy Ship! event on the MSC Poesia yacht.

Recommended Songs from Steve Aoki:
1. Earthquakey People
2. I’m In The House
3. Livin’ My Love

Gene Simmons

Those who don’t who Gene is might be living under a rock all these years. His stage alter ego called “The Demon” is actually the swashbuckling bassist/co-lead vocalist of one the US’ greatest rock bands, KISS. Aside from his outrageous stage antics like wearing pyrotechnics, Gene is also the star of his own reality television show entitled Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Another hobby that he’s very fond of is poker. His love for the game ultimately led him to put up his own tournament, “Four Kings And An Ace” to benefit several charities.

Recommended Songs from Gene Simmons:
1. Rock And Roll All Nite
2. I Was Made for Lovin’ You
3. Love Gun

With awesome songs coming from musicians who are both famous as for their music and their love for poker, you’d better get off your seat and start mashing up these great hits.