Interview with Isosine

I had a great opportunity (a few months ago) to have an email conversation/interview with the extremely talented Isosine. A long time mashup producer who has released some of my favorite mashups to day.

Revy: So maybe we can start out by you telling me a bit about your background. Where you’re from, you music experience, interests, and how you got into the mashup scene.

I’m from the Vancouver area. My music background has been with playing in bands in the past however most of my experience is in production.

I stumbled on mashups one day and thought they were so amazing. Even just that concept of being able to take different songs to recontextualize into one cohesive track was mind-blowing to me.

Through a lot of trial-and-error I was able to make mashups myself, but they weren’t ever as great as what I would hear from everyone else. I didn’t really get into it to be known or anything. I just posted them to my personal Facebook page for friends to see.

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One day I had posted the Justin Bieber vs. Slipknot – Psychosocial Baby mashup and a friend of mine pushed me to post it on YouTube and it just blew up! I realized there was a whole listener base with open ears. That mashup gave me the audience I had always wanted and I’ve been producing mashups of all genres and styles since that day.

Revy: That was a great mashup! How did you come up with that!?? Or how would you describe your creative process?

It was partly inspired by the rivalry between the listeners of the genres. I thought maybe I would do my part and help out with that, haha. The verses were pretty straight-forward. The choruses were a little bit more involved. They weren’t in the same key, not even close. It would sound weird if I transposed them to the right key. I ended up having to layer different transposed versions of the chorus with slightly different formants to make it sound decent. Even then, it’s still really noticeable in some parts, but it was definitely passable!

Revy: Where do you find your inspiration to create mashups?

Mashups tend to come from songs I listen to or really like. I like trying to introduce people to new music that they might have no been exposed to in the past by including them in a mashup. I feel more like a curator than a producer sometimes.

Revy: I’ see you release mashup videos with your mashup songs. Are those an important element to your mashup creative process and releases?

It seems fitting to have a video mashup to go along with a music mashup. I feel like it makes the experience more enjoyable for the listening/viewer so I think it’s a very important consideration whenever I put out something new. I know there are a handful of other mashup producers that also put out videos and that’s what also sets them apart from the crowd.

Revy: Final question! What are you plans for 2014? Any big shows or mashup releases in mind?

I definitely would like to play something live in 2014. Nothing is set in stone yet but I’m going to push for it! Looking to put out another album during the Summer as I normally do! Thanks for having me for this interview!

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