Interview with DJ Rudec

I recently had a chance to interview DJ Rudec (listen to his previous MashupCiti features). He is quickly becoming one of my favorite DJ’s to follow.

Who are you, what’s your background and how did you get into making mashups?

My name is Rui Carpelho, 34 years old and I’m from Lisbon, Portugal.

I have always had a musical background since I remember, my father is a jazz and classical piano teacher and I got the taste for music from him. In my early years I had 2 garage bands, playing 70’s and 80’s covers, some originals and I even had a Jazz band with my father and some friends. After that I became a DJ, playing resident in a Disco called “Lemon” near Lisbon.
Meanwhile I got the taste for electronic music production with a contest for a music magazine that requested a House song for their CD and after that making jingles for the radio, advertising the Disco “Bolina”.
I got into the mashup scene after hearing a 2 Many DJ’s set back in 2008 (I thing it was “As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2”) mashing the Blues Brothers Theme with Pixies and Basement Jaxx and I just thought it was insanely brilliant.

Then I started trying to do mashups myself although I only started to publish them in the summer of 2012.

What is your inspiration in creating your mashups and what is your creative process?

I like to see people’s reaction to the crazy combinations I do. I’m a DJ (just a hobbie) and I like to use my mashups on the sets I do live and see the guys faces when they start to sing the lyrics and then realize that something else is on top of that instrumental. That’s my main inspiration.

The creative process is somewhat as crazy as my ideas. When someone sings or speaks about a song, when I have a song in my head or I hear it somewhere, that could be enough for me to think about what can I mash that with. I try to never force myself to do a song, just to have one more. One thing I won’t do is to create a mashup only with songs I don’t like.
I think the first person to have fun with my mashups is me! 😛
I also have kind of a ritual, when finishing a song, I always do a cover for it with images from the bands or when there aren’t any, with the sleeve of the album (like my Stereotronique vs. Whitney Huston mashup).

What were some of your early mashups like and what do you feel you have learned from them?

My first three or four mashups were just so terrible that I started to feel bad about the original artists (LOL)!
Seriously, there was some trial + error like in all learning curves mainly in the mastering and equalization parts although when I got that sorted they sounded good (like The Doors vs. Green Day – Roadhouse Holiday Blues or Kiss vs. Irene Cara – Fame Was Made For Lovin You) but the main issue was my software… I had to change from Acid Music Studio to Acid Pro to get a whole new perspective at what I couldn’t get to in the old software…

So, mainly I learned that a really good song can be ruined (or not) by equalization or mastering.
But I’m always learning new techniques and new getting new ideas on how to produce songs, by myself and with the most precious help from guys like DeeM, DRA’man, Rick Lee (thanks for the great Ableton Live tuturial!) etc.

What are you plans for your DJ/mashup career in 2013? Any big releases or news we should be looking out for?

As a bootlegger my big plans are to get more known in the mashup scene and I’m trying to combine that with my hobbie, DJing…

I’m starting on a new exclusive (never done in Portugal) radio show, on PandBox Radio ( ) on Sundays at 7pm (GMT London/Lisbon) called Mashup Madness, so you’ll be hearing some good stuff there ahahaha… Sorry for the guys who don’t understand Portuguese, let’s hope google translator works fine 😛

The big release to be made (when I have time for it) is the download link for a zip file containing all my mashups (including some that were never published) and if everything goes according to plan, you’ll be downloading it near the end of May.

Also this year I want to get a new mashup album out but for now just keep looking at my page and facebook and expect the unexpected!

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