Top DJs according to Google Trends

I like to spend some time checking out Google Trends once and awhile, just to see what are some trending topics, news and stuff that I find interesting. One thing I found in here is a ‘Top DJs” chart. Well, it’s not exactly a direct top chart by record sales, it is more of a top DJ search being conducted in Google. So it gives you some ideas as to what DJ’s people are searching for in Google who located in the United States (for now). Possibly a strong indicator of upcoming DJ events, album releases, DJ’s in the news or even just a DJ talent that is trending.

I do wonder if it takes into consideration things like social media mentions/engagement, something Google has been working on anyways in its search engine organic results these last few updates.


For the DJ side, here is a similar widget of Top music artists. Something you can use in consideration if you’re looking to mashup trending music. While it’s not something I actively seek, I know some people prefer to remix and mashup that way.