Mixtape Chocolate Goin’ In Bootie Rio

Another hot mix mashup tape from Bootie Rio. Once more I feel the need to express how much I would love to visit one of these mashup parties. Perhaps there is a way?

Mixtape Chocolate Goin’ In Bootie Rio by Bootierio on Mixcloud

1 As mulher tá tarada – Zuzuca poderosa vs Mc Diguinho e Beyonce – Rodrigo
2 Come & Get O Fio Dental – Selena Gomez vs. MC Sheldon & Boco – MASA
3 Chocolate Goin’ In – Naldo v. Jennifer Lopez & Florida – MASA
4 Get Lucky Star – Madonna v. Daft Punk – MadMixMustang
5 Fascination Beat – The Cure v. Alex Gopher – Fissunix
6 World in my heart – Depeche Mode v. XXXchange – Fissunix
7 Who the hell are you for changed the way you kiss me – Example vs Madison Avenue – Luca Rubino
8 Whistling At A Jiggy Girl – Flo Rida Vs Will Smith Vs Gwen Stefani – Kill_mR_DJ
9 I’m In love of truth – 9 faixas – Luca Rubino
10 Suit & Tie Any Way You Wanna – People’s Choice vs. Justin Timberlake – Schmolli
11 80’s Treasure – Bruno Mars vs. Wham! vs. Madonna vs. INXS vs. Shannon vs. Tone Loc – MashMike
12 Like A Robo – Charlie Winston vs DaftPunk – ElectroSound
13 Menina Sticky Veneno – Wanessa vs. Ritchie – MashmyAs$
14 Somewhere in the Bucket – Sarah Evans vs Linkin Park – Chocomang