Overtech Space Invaders

Now for something heavy, grungy and exceptionally dirty! It gives me butterflies in my knee caps! Yay! From some interesting new (well I just found em so they are new to me) talent comes Corupt DJ’s! Ima be checking out more of their stuff for sure! In this song there are some really fantastic mashes going on. My particular favorite would be the Cardigans and the Stardust combo! It’s like a one-two punch to the nads! But not painful, and fun….and not really getting hit in the nads. So something A LOT better than that actually. Whatever! Listen and you will find out yerself! I’m gone for the weekend, so if Xaxen would stop being a lazy skid, maybe he can update while I’m gone?

Hatiras- Spaced Invader
Madonna – Hollywood
Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You
Cardigans – Love Fool
David Guetta – Love Don’t Let Me Go