Get Buck In Here

Well, now the Blackout protest is over for today against SOPA and PIPA, time to get back into the music. However, DO NOT FOR ONE SECOND THINK THIS IS OVER! The voting still has to happen and while we have managed to rattle these bureaucrats, the danger is still extremely real. Sure we got some great mainstream media attention, the American President has spoken out against this (how’d that NDAA, ending the wars and closing Gitmo go?), and some of the sponsors have jumped ship. The pressure needs to continue to not just shelve these bills for a later date, but to KILL them. The internet does not belong to any of these clowns and while it may be ok for China and Iran to censor the internet from their population, it is not or will it ever be for any government who claims to be born in democracy to seek to censor humanities greatest invention to date. ENJOY THE MASHUP!