Heavy Metal Mashups Vol. 2 “Louder Than Hell Mix”

HELL YES. This mashup has horns from hell, 400000 horse power and stinks of gasoline and kick-ass. Prepare yourself and unleash the Gods of MASHUP METAL!!!!!!

Fissunix & DJ Schmolli – HairBangers
Dan Mei – Last Ride Of The New Shit
Mad Mix Mustang – 2 Minutes To The Middle Of The Night
Loo & Placido – Antisocial Pigs
Bassnectar Remix – Seek and Destroy
Dj Schmolli – Cold As Superbeast Prometheus
Wax Audio – South Of The Grapevine
Loo & Placido – Black Sab System
Wax Audio – Master Of Doin’ It
DJ Morgoth – Ace Of Spades Feels Good
Dj Schmolli – Rock Of Ages
Dan Mei – Rolling In The Fire And Flames
Tinylightsbelow – Psychosocial Baby
Fissunix – Birth of the Cannibal
Dan Mei – Coat Of Arms Of E.T.
Fissunix – Over wasted years
Fissunix – Grid it up
Wax Audio – Chemical Diver
Dj Schmolli – Cold As Superbeast Prometheus

Heavy Metal Mashups Vol. 1 “Sabbath Bootie Sabbath Mix” by Fissunix