The Zombies are Inside Out

FEIST! Now I am a little sad to say that living here in Calgary, I missed the days of Leslie Feist and Placebo even though we seemed to know the some of the same people in certain circles. How many times did I hear, “Hey, this band Placebo is playing this weekend, wanna check it out?”, only to have me end up at some other venue. Of course there was the Battle of the Bands that I could have gone to…and didn’t for some reason. Ce la Vie. So, here is a pretty nice mashup from Kevin Gilbert and a nice little story to go with it.

Feist vs Sufjan Stevens

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  1. Kevan

    January 7, 2008 at 9:49 am

    Hey, thanks a bunch for the link! Your site seems like it has lots of great mash-ups — I’m honoured to be included.

    Would you be able to correct the minor mistake in my name? It’s Kevan (with an A), not Kevin (with an I). Thanks again!