Shadow Night

Just listening to this, while I’m reading Sherlocks background on it (and while I’m typing this) and I just need to share this great track and info.

“Shadow Man” by RushJet1 vs. “Stay The Night” by Zedd feat. Hayley Williams
Image credit: GamesRadar

I thought I’d take a small break from making mashups after completing “Need My Baby Now,” but let’s just say that didn’t happen.

G3RSt’s “I Don’t Care For Dr. Wily” was running through my mind one morning; since it uses a Mega Man 2 remix as one of its sources, I looked for similar remixes which I could use. I eventually landed on the Bandcamp page of RushJet1; he’s done two albums of remade music from the original Mega Man series. Shadow Man’s music (from Mega Man 3) has always been a favourite, so I checked it out. When I did, I instantly made a connection with Zedd & Hayley Williams’ hit song.