surfbustersRay Parker Jr – Ghostbusters, The Tornadoes – Bustin’ Surfboards

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Revy started MashupCiti in 2007 out of pure greed and laziness in an attempt to acquire as many mashups as possible. Lover of all things bizarre and silly, Revy may be a genius or just a regular guy. It's sometimes hard to tell.

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  1. DAW-GUN

    May 31, 2009 at 8:40 am

    I absolutely LOVE this idea and would love to spin it — the arrangement is a bit dry though. There’s something about the lyric arrangement of the original GB track that has a certain momentum to it. The momentum is lost here. Perhaps you can bring in verse 2 a bit sooner? Again, I love the idea and would love to see you develop it more. Email me if you do! Best, DG