Walk Away From The Rain

More Judd3rman for the party please. Did I mention I’m in Punta Cana right now? Yup. On a beach.

Revy started MashupCiti in 2007 out of pure greed and laziness in an attempt to acquire as many mashups as possible. Lover of all things bizarre and silly, Revy may be a genius or just a regular guy. It's sometimes hard to tell.

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  1. Judd3rman (@judd3rman1)

    January 27, 2014 at 10:24 pm

    Hey Revy! Enjoy ya beach time dude! Thanks for your support as ever my friend.
    You may have noticed that mashing old Sisters’ tracks with such as Lana and Adele works for me. Really pleased you dig it too :)