War Bombs ’08

In “celebration” of 5 years of ongoing hostilities in Iraq, VOICEDUDE has come up with this fantastic mashup. To be honest this tune is bitter sweet and I’m the decider, so thats that! From VOICEDUDE he says;

“A very UN-happy Fifth Anniversary!

I can’t believe we are still in this unjust profit venture we call the Iraq War. When I made my first post here one year ago, I never dreamed we’d still be stuck in it. So while holding my peace high (and lowering the index finger just for ‘W’), I present this year’s version of last year’s mashup.”

Gap Band vs. Edwin Starr vs. Black Sabbath  vs. Outkast  vs. Midnight Oil vs. George Bush

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  1. Who

    June 24, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    What a moron.