The best Mashups of 2013

The top mashups of 2013…so far

2013 has been a pretty great year so far for some fantastic and memorable mashups. I eagerly await the results of this years best mashups, but I wanted a sneak peak as to what is preforming well this year so far. So, here are the best performing mashups on MashupCiti for 2013 so far!

A man’s game of thrones world (April 4 2013) – Holy crap. I’m a big fan of the books and HBO series as well as James Brown. This mashup song and video are so amazing together it continues to impress.

You should be Dafting (March 23 2013) – With tons and TONS of Daftpunk mashups coming out this year, this one sticks out because I think a  verb has been re-invented here. It’s not dancing, it’s not being daft, it’s DAFTING baby.

Literally Lmfao – Rebel Rock Anthem (May 2 2013) – Rebel scum! Just the possibility of Storm Troopers doing the shuffle is epic. Throw in the Cantina band and this is just a happy party on the Death Star.

For Whom The Piano Man Tolls (January 17 2013) – I’ve always pictured my sitting in my local sedy pub when the Piano Man song comes to life on stage and we all join in and sing along. Now it is forever changed with James Hetfield getting up on stage and getting METAL.

Gettin Jiggy Milkshakes Wit It (February 13 2013) – I think I posted this just because it got me moving. Turns out a lot of other people really enjoyed moving as well. Moving is good.

 Sweet Mash O’ Nine (January 18 2013) – Just a cool mashup to get a groove going. I personally liked it for the Freestyler element but this mashup has a lot in it to appeal to many peeps.

So that’s what is happening here so far on MashupCiti. However of course there is still lots of time left to see what happens and more mashups to come.