MashupCiti Top 10 of twenty 10 #10

This year had some really fantastic mashups featured here at MashupCiti, and with the addition of Qubic things have really picked up. To see the end of this year, Qubic suggested we have a look back and choose our top ten mashups that have been featured here and see how our list compared. We both had some interesting picks, but I’m pretty sure my list is better.

So for the last 10 days of this year please join us as we do our first ever top ten count down of top mashups of twenty 10! Starting off at number 10 for our lists;

Qubic’s #10

Boiled Hamma / Stay Away Music

Two songs… Two different styles… One catchy li’l diddy.

Revy’s # 10

Supermassive Testify/DJ Erb

It’s such a good groove to go along with Rage Against the Machine’s lyrics. This is a great mashup to drive to.

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