Ramdom Thoughts #156

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Uffie – Pop the Glock (Mirwais Remix)
The Reborn Identity – You Can’t Curry Love (The Supremes vs Mohabbatein vs 2Pac)
DJ Morgoth – Welcome Home Mama (Coheed & Cambria vs 2Pac)
Jagged Silver – The Neeven Wall (Pink Floyd vs Woolfy vs Projections)
Eamezey – More Than Just the Way I’m Feeling (Feeder vs Boston)
Eamezey – Pretty Fly Handlebars (Flobots vs Offspring)
Lady Gaga – Nothing Else I Can Say (Pet Shop Boys Remix)
Dan Mei – If You’re Not Human (The Killers vs Daniel Bedingfield)
DJ Morgoth – Ace of Spades Feel Good (Motorhead vs Gorillaz)
Flyleaf vs Legion of Doom – I’m So Sick (T-Virus Remix)
Michael Buble – Haven’t Met You Yet (Cutmore Remix)
Owl City – Umbrella Beach (Long Lost Sun Remix)
Jakatta & Seal – My Vision (Summer in White Edit)
Halo33 – 10 Nude Ghosts (Nine Inch Nails vs Radiohead)
Eamezey – A Clubbing Voyage (Extract – Long Mix)

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