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  • Son of Monster Mash Up

    Even though this is an older Halloween mashup compilation release it is absolutely worth checking out and adding to your party play list! Loads of...

  • Closer To Dragula

    A great addition to your Halloween mashup playlist. Two spin chilling classic meet for a truly rock’n terrifying experience!

  • Spookyhop 2.0

    A very eclectic mash of many different songs. I think there is a bunch of old TV shows or something in this along with rap...

  • Blue Thriller

    A refreshing approach to an extremely overused acapella of Michael Jacksons Halloween classic. It now has that Tarintino vibe to it, which might make this...

  • Journey Of Faith †

    Fantastic crowed please for a Halloween mashup experience!

  • Sawmbie

    Very creepy indeed! Another great Halloween mashup to be added to you your collection!  

  • The Midnight Society EP

    A great addition for your Halloween mashup experience! From DJ Bahler the Midnight Society is a great mashup EP release featuring some truly great and...

  • Thrillered

    Getting into that Halloween spirit with this classic MJ mashup as it continues to delve into the creepy dance world of the Prodigy.

  • Top Mashups 2012

    The top mashups of 2012 are massive, earth shattering musical experiences not for the faint of heart. 2012 was the best performing year for MashupCiti...

  • Gods Fix Monsters

    Whoa, a great creepy darkness to this mashup. Halloween mashup contender for sure.