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  • Fade Into Hindsight (VK Mashup)

    Good for dancing, drinking, flirting and having all around fun times. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • The Rock Harmony

    8 songs mashed into 1 glorious rock mashup experience that could only be delivered by the likes of Mashup Germany.

  • Hey Brother Reggae Blend

    We find this deliciously eclectic mashup that has country, dance and reggae all mashed together in what would be a great party.

  • Hey Greyhound

    Pretty hot mashup! Pretty straight forward and effective! Can you consider this to be sort of a country mashup? I put it into that category…cause...

  • Wake Me Up Down Under

    Bloody nice. When I first saw the title of who was mashed I thought “Of course, that is going to be awesome”. I wasn’t disappointed....

  • Hey Brother

    A new age dancey country song from Avicii gets a ‘smash’ treatment from DCKZ.

  • Redux Me Up

    Avicii in Dubvision! Well done Robin CarriĆ³n. These vocals remind me of Tracy Chapman.

  • Wake Me Up Summer Of 69

    Bryan Adams tracks always make me feel nostalgic. Now is that because he is signing about nostalgia? Or are these legitimate feelings? [soundcloud url=”″ params=””...

  • Don’t You Wake Me Up If Lose Myself

    A lot to enjoy in this mashup!

  • I could Get Lucky

    Hot, high energy, get that lucky vibe from this mashup.