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  • Don’t Blame too Deep

    Canadian punk band Sum 41 gets a floor smasher mashup makeover! Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Loca Problem

    From T3ddy6 “A mashup I made for my independent study at school. It features the powerful voice of 2 Chainz with nice electro to complement...

  • Mashup The Dance

    This is just a little bit addictive. I love to mashup the dance. Come mashup with me. We can mashup together. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”...

  • Gettin Jiggy Milkshakes Wit It

    Wait, what if it was Will Smith’s milk shake? ERMAHGERD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!  

  • OMG! It’s a BFAM Spaceman!

    YES! Just in time for Friday! Phew! Happy mashup weekend mashup citizens!

  • Ratalon Prutack Love

    It’s like a party in my ears. The 9th exit always takes you into interesting places. Nothing is safe or sacred.

  • IBTPU So Call Me Definitely

    Damn. Great club mashup track! Happy friday! 1) Bingo Players – Cry (just a little) 2) Deadmau5 – Animal Rights 3) Afrojack & Steve Aoki...


    OOOOOoooohh! Dancey! If this doesn’t get you toe tapping, you may have your speakers off.