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  • American Sabbath

    I’m pretty damn sure we have seen Lana Del Rey mashups move from the realm of Tarantino and into the nightmares of Rob Zombie. Pretty...

  • Sweet Leaf Pour Adeline

    Ozzy is so deep, like that head and shoulders commercial. So deep.

  • Rock Steady

    Holy shite the 90’s are back with a mashup vengeance. Mind = ASPLODED.

  • Oye mi sweet dutchie

    N.O.R.E. ft. Nina Sky & Tego Calderon vs. Black Sabbath vs. Musical Youth vs. Afroman

  • War Bombs ’08

    In “celebration” of 5 years of ongoing hostilities in Iraq, VOICEDUDE has come up with this fantastic mashup. To be honest this tune is bitter...