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  • Mother, You used to hold me

    Remember the big hit, ‘Mother’ by Danzig? Yeah well I was a big fan before that man.  Lucifuge? That was my shit back in the...

  • Calvins Example

    Makes me feel a little nostalgic for my youth, to celebrate days gone by. I think the Calvin and Hobbs art helped with that.

  • Call Me Coming Back

    Whoa! Did not expect! With all the Carly Rae Jepsen mashups out there, it’s nice to get a different perspective once more.

  • You Used To Hold Endorphines

    A bit more energy than the original and a bit of an 8-bit flavor which is tasty.

  • DOSVEC – Marina Harris

    “Marina Harris” is a great combination of female vocals with one of Calvin Harris biggest songs “Feel So Close”. It is the 5th track off...

  • DOSVEC – Flight 2013

    The Dance Games Saga continues with “Flight 2013″. DOSVEC takes us on board a 30 minute mini-mix mashup album introducing several new mashups, while incorporating...

  • The End of Summer

    Dirty Hairy’s end of summer mashup set. Sums up the summer for, ahem, some of us I suppose.  

  • Sex, Fire, & Aliens

    Sex, fire & aliens…sounds like a Michael Bay movie.

  • All Summer Ghosts’N’Bounce Takes

    I just got to GO GO GO!

  • Saving Superlove

    SIR Matty is really hitting them out of the park lately. I don’t know what he is doing to keep this up, but keep doing...