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  • Go Step

    Lots of great songs in this mashup. It’s like a mash set in 5 minutes. Share on...

  • Geilon, Birthday Cake!

    Happy belated birthday! It’s hard to believe that DJ GodrikGen is only 18. I just have to say, Chris Brown is still a shit. [soundcloud...

  • No Headphones Not Allowed

    Great mashup album from Poppa Smurf. Lots of great moments to enjoy. So smurfy. Slow Jamz Addicted...

  • Solo

    Great mashup track from 5 & A Dime!

  • DOSVEC – Styched

    DOSVEC closing 2012 with a BANG – do not sleep on this one


    “IX” Roman Numeral for the number 9 utilizes 9 different songs to create 1 silky smooth mashup 🙂

  • MashupCiti Chris Brown Poll

    So we know that Chris Brown is a douche. He has beat on women, misogynistic, egotistical, etc, etc. I’ve always found it fascinating that radio...

  • Mundo

      Great club track from DOSVEC!

  • Party Mirrors Lookin’ At Me

    I love finding new mashup peeps. Especially when they first are getting their tracks out there. So much potential and not afraid of taking risks!...

  • DIFF Dubstep Mashup Album

    “DIFF” DOSVECs new album, excuse me, his new DUB STEP mashup album is out!! Check this shit out! DOSVEC – “DIFF” DubStep MashUp Mix Album...