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  • Human Born To Dance

    The Killers are born to RAGE! Actually that is kinda terrifying if you put it into a Hannibal Lector point of view. Share on TumblrDigg...

  • Return To Campus

    DOSVEC gets you ready to go back to school kids with this mashup album release. Track Listing...

  • Check Out the Hook

    I love that guitar from Chromeo. But of course there is much to love in this mashup.

  • Inspire

    Kick ass mashup by Throttle. Be sure to check out the video. Check out the massive playlist;   Mashup Tracklist: Aloe Blacc – I Need...

  • The Dada Code

    Time for that funky bounce mashup to get the morning blood pumping.

  • So Young So High So Wasted

    Awesome mashup of classic Who getting teenage wasted with Dada Lifes being so high, it works like a charm!

  • Rolling In The Dada

    As the world continues with it’s PSY craze, let’s not forget our past crazes. Adele was once all I heard for about a week. Legitmix...

  • Pursuit of Dada Rage Mashup

    I’m not sure why, but I imagine JVences to be a killer DJ version of Vincent Price…weird. Happy weeked mashup citizens!

  • Smash The Dancefloor 3 : I’m Not Done – Part #4

    GOOD! I’m glad you’re not done Elocnep! You just go on with your bad self and SMASH THE DANCEFLOOR! So much awesome in this mashup...

  • Just a Dream

    Oh hell yes. I’m enjoying this WAY TO MUCH IF THERE IS SUCH A THING! It’s a really good mashup. Good job Deiger!