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  • Parts And Clarity

    I really like the disco vibe this mashup has going on for it. Things are smoothed out, slowed down and groovy! Share on TumblrDigg Digg


    Oh la la, I dig this mashup by Cotxetxe. Click here to listen!

  • Bad Things

    You could take this as something sexy. You know, the good girl doing bad things? Then before you know it your house is on fire,...

  • Inspire

    Kick ass mashup by Throttle. Be sure to check out the video. Check out the massive playlist;   Mashup Tracklist: Aloe Blacc – I Need...

  • Bros – When will i be famous

    Whaaaaaaa!?!? Sup 1987. Enjoy some totally radical Bros mashup fun!

  • Telemiscommunications

    As beautiful and fascinating as the originals. What great things come from ‘play’. KITTENS!!

  • Die Young

    A great mashup by DOSVEC introducing Ke$sha to Deadmau5. If they had a mashup baby, I think it’s name would be $5.

  • Hollabackbusters

    Halloween is gonna be fun this year. Well, it is every year but it’s gonna be EXTRA MASHUPY FUN.

  • I Remember Shelter

    We featured the mashup production talents of Austin Enterno some time ago, and we are glad to have him back!

  • All Summer Ghosts’N’Bounce Takes

    I just got to GO GO GO!