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  • ExoRok

    Rihanna is a really great addition to the Damion Marley and Skillex combo for this electrically charged mashup. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Connections

    Hungry like the wolf mashup? I’m in!

  • Give Em The Funk

    Damn. Had me before even the first ‘Shoop’. Helluva mashup!

  • Pulse [E.P]

    A really good new EP from Deiger.  Great mashup dancing comes with this for free!

  • Time Capsule

    Talk about flipping the track and bringing the old school back. This mashup is loaded with awesome musical surprises.

  • Just a Dream

    Oh hell yes. I’m enjoying this WAY TO MUCH IF THERE IS SUCH A THING! It’s a really good mashup. Good job Deiger!

  • Ignition [E.P.]

    MASHUP ALBUM! BOOM! Filled with great hits, guilty pleasures maybe even a kitchen sink.

  • Sex, Fire, & Aliens

    Sex, fire & aliens…sounds like a Michael Bay movie.