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  • The Replay Team

    This mashup screams calm, relaxing summer days. Great way to start off a Monday. Share on TumblrDigg...

  • When A Girl Wants Your Man

    This sounds a lot more serious and sincere with this mashup rendition from Flashard. I’m really enjoying this. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true”...

  • Whip My Misery

    Did not think I could get down to Willow Smith, but here I am.

  • Wide Away

    Clever Flashard.

  • 1996 Payphone

    It’s hard to imagine, but one day there will be no more pay phones. What will artists do?

  • Bright Lights Watch Bigger City

    Cee Lo Green’s lyrics mashed up with The Saturdays find a new vibe that pair so well, it’s ridiculous. Filled with the urgency of youthful...

  • Sorry Your Rose Has Its Thorn

    I mentioned a few weeks ago I was looking to feature some country mashups to get some exposure to the worlds largest outdoor cowboy party,...

  • Born To Be Super Bass

    Yeah, Bon Jovi vs. Nicki Minaj. Who’d have thunk? Flashard, that’s who.

  • Hurts To Hold On

    I don’t hear a lot of mashups with John Mellencamp. Flashard does it right.

  • Invisible Part Of Me

    Friend zone level: Genesis.