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  • What Is Dre Haddaway

    SNL has forever burned a visual of Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan getting down to this totally sweet track. Now we have Eminem and Dr....

  • Hello Real World

    Simply Barbaric is bringing their ‘A’ game to the mashup scene. DaaaaaayyyymmmmnnnN!

  • Back In Black

    Tight mashup! Classic rock and rap mashed together!

  • Someone Like Dre

    How about some Royksopp and Dre mix with a whole lotta other awesome? Hells yes!

  • Blues Br-Others

    A classic mashup featuring overweight middle aged white muther-fuckers jumping up and down on a stage trying to sing the blues. From the very talented...

  • Decalogue

    I wanted to share this mashup by The Hood Internet for its Canadian band samples. Overall it’s pretty good. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″...

  • Turf Wars

    Daaaaaaaammmmnnnn! Rappers with beef are finding the force. May the 4th be with you!

  • One Blood (What’s the Difference)

    Some serious mashup awesomeness, found on Legitmix Legitmix One Blood (What’s the Difference).

  • Forgot About Love

    Rough! As in it’s good and grimy and makes say “hellsyeah”.

  • Din Daa Daa Pressure

    Classic Bowie/Mercury track gets an unconventional mashup courtesy of Chocomang.