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  • Hot Fever

    Damn. DRA’man just makes my days happy. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Tangle like an eagle

    I can’t go a week without listening to what DRA’man is cooking up.

  • Jailbreak Thang

    Thin Lizzy is so gansta! Damn! Jail break’n n shiiiiiiit.

  • Up & Down cup

    Turning that folksy rock  style from Nick Cave into a sick dance track with a dab of Pretty Lights…DRA’man you make me smile dude. [soundcloud...

  • Young Dragula

    Ke$ha’s unfortunately timed Die Young (which she tossed under the bus pretty quickly) with Rob Zombies Dragula. She is even the phenotype Zombie is into....

  • The Doors – L.A. DRA’man

    DRA’man has something fantastic cooking up with this Doors focused double mashup release. I smell an album on the horizon I think, (hope). [soundcloud url=”″...

  • Mixtape Bootie Rio na Sopa

    Another great mashup mix release from Bootie Rio. Mixtape Bootie Rio na Sopa by Bootierio on Mixcloud 1 – Calor do boy – Mahmundi vs....

  • SPACE RETRO LOUNGE – Fabiano Moreira para Noo

    Let’s just keep it real. I love the mixtaps coming from Bootie Rio. So many talented mashup DJ’s in these. Just awesome stuff. Mixtape SPACE★RETRO☎LOUNGE...

  • The good life rocks

    I like to think DRA’man is helping us all live the good life with his wonderful mashups.

  • Upside me

    Super mashup that could have happened once upon a time!