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  • Something’s wrong in the air

    Another profoundly interesting mashup from DRA’man. A fantastic mashup of Phil Collins and Pretty Lights! buy on iTunes “In the Air Tonight” “Something’s Wrong” Share...

  • Mixtape Baile Charme

    Super hot and sexy mashup set from the last Bootie Rio mashup party. Some really great mashup producers featured in this set, damn…..must….go…… Rio bootie...

  • The hands of the stripper

    More mashups for your friendly neighborhood stripper. I’m down with that.

  • Jungle flava

    Whoa. So much mashup flava.

  • Je m’en vais au ciel

    It’s like a happy spy theme, but he is sad as no one understands his choice of hairstyle and lipstick. Serge Gainsbourg must’ve been one...

  • Another daydream

    A David Bowie Bond! Now there’s a movie idea.

  • Set fire to the room

      Adele should rock out with Clapton. I can’t get enough of the guitar solos with Adele’s voice. I’ve been thinking all last week that...

  • Born to die – Camilla

    This is a really nice mashup. It’s somehow very proper that The Art of Noise is fronted by the unique vocals of Lana Del Rey.

  • The greatest angel

    I have never heard of ‘The Sound Defects’ before, so thanks to DRA’man for the intro!

  • God’s time

    So funky, so fresh. Damn I like this mashup. I’ve never heard of Anouk but these are some really awesome vocals. This mashup has soul.