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  • Don’t Hold Back, Sweet Jane

    Shit. This has been a few years since I’ve heard this little gem from Go Home Productions. Still one of my favorites. Oh HEY! It’s...

  • 34 Track Mega Diva Mashup

    Whoa, two amazing women mashing some of their most popular singles. Nostalgia overload. Roel Regelink is fighting the good fight. I’m sure this is going...

  • California at 18

    Alice Cooper looses his creepy creepy nightmare feel and finds some smooth California sunset groove. I really dig this.

  • Wake Me Up Down Under

    Bloody nice. When I first saw the title of who was mashed I thought “Of course, that is going to be awesome”. I wasn’t disappointed.

  • Mama Jagger Knocks You Out

    Watch out for a mean jab followed by a hard over hand from the very talented Homogenic Chaos!

  • Beyond Regulation

    There is so much to enjoy in the new Daft Punk album, I’m glad to hear some other songs being taken on in the mashup...

  • Honky Tonk Sledgehammer

    That honky tonky funky mashup mix by the very talented Fissunix. Man I can totally see Gabriel as a greaser or something.

  • Both Of Us Are Coming Back

    Flashard knows how to get me right in the feels. Do you think Calvin Harris could pull off singing some country songs?

  • A Man’s Game Of Thrones World

    This is so damn awesome I can barely stand it. Mashups are coming. The video is just as impressive!

  • MetallicJunkie

    I think I had first featured this mashup back in early 2008 and since then it has gone the way of the dodo bird. Anyways...