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  • Youth Gone Old

    Hellz yes! Fissunix gone wild! Ok maybe not, that might be a bit strange, but just let the mashup do it’s thing man. Share on...

  • One More Night Of Party Rockin’

    Please???? Just one more night! One more night of party rockin’ thanks to MixmstrStel

  • Dancing The Night Out

    Lobsterdust bringing the fierce to the dance floor! And yeah, you should be dancing…yeah. Happy weekend mashup citizens!

  • Slow Angel

    This mashup disappearing and then I have to go on this big long drawn out adventure on trying to find it! Made back in 2004...

  • I Want Madness

    What I want is more of this mashup madness from Tim Wilson. Well done.

  • Death Sentence Lost!

    A BRUTAL mashup of Dethklok meets Cold Play. Is your soul prepared?

  • Pretty Lights Get Me High

    A killer 5 & a Dime mashup, so get ready to get up and dance to this one!

  • Porter’s Cinema

    Just a nice relaxing breath of mashup music air. Lets me sit back and relax,  let the mind wander,  and then BOOM! Shit gets real.

  • My other car is a beatle

    I just wanted to take a trip down memory lane to this most fantastic mashup by Jay-R.  featured in the Best of Bootie 2005, wow,...

  • Biggie 102

    Killer mashup from A.ROG. Imagine Notorious B.I.G. partnering up with The Glitch Mob, with a slice of Eminem and Ludarcis. Imagine the damage that could...