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  • Lights at the diner

    I dig what you are throwing down there Tyler.   Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • How long will I Stay?

    This week I’ve had some setbacks in getting mashups featured. For that I’m really sorry. Here sweet babies. Listen to this lovely.

  • Breathe and Burn

    Looking for more country mashups in preparation of this years Stampede party in Calgary!

  • Burn the City

    I think this is my favorite Elie Goulding mashup (right now). It seems to have lost the original frantic energy from Gouldings original. I like...

  • Goodness Gracious!

    This worked out extremely well.

  • Magic Touch

    So much fun and high step energy, I’m really enjoying this mashup of 31 songs mashed into one!

  • Burn Audience

    Did not expect such awesome for a Rise Against mashup, especially with Ellie Goulding. Life is full of pleasant surprises.

  • Calling all Monsters

    Mashup Germany is some kind of freak of nature that consistently hits home runs.

  • Burn Until The End Of The World (The Midnight City)

    I think this is my favorite Ellie Goulding mashup of this song. Well done S.I.R. Remix. Bit of a sneak peak to ‘Strickly 2013: Flawless...

  • Hearts

    A beautiful mashup by Isosine. Just haunting and magical.